Token Incentive Program

We want orthodontics to be a great experience producing beautiful results and healthy, happy teeth and gums. We reward you for doing a good job with brushing and taking care of your braces. Our OrthoToken Incentive Program, as well as monthly giveaways and contests, keeps everyone in the mode for fun and on the right track. You even get tokens for wearing your Schulz Orthodontics t-shirt! The more tokens you earn, the bigger your gift certificate at the end of treatment. You can cash them in at cool places like Target, Toys ‘R Us, Books-A-Million, and Best Buy. Come and have fun with us!


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Patients will earn ONE Schulz Ortho Token for each of the following (up to three per appointment):

  1. Be on time for your appointment, teeth clean, and no broken brackets/appliances
  2. Demonstrate outstanding compliance if you are wearing headgear, elastics, or another form of active removable appliances
  3. Wear your Schulz Ortho t-shirt on the day of your appointment

Earn Extra tokens for:

  1. Being seen outside the office wearing your Schulz Ortho t-shirt by one of the Schulz Orthodontics team members (five tokens)
  2. Coming in on your birthday for a scheduled appointment (five tokens)
  3. Referring a friend who starts treatment at Schulz Orthodontics (ten tokens!)
  4. Bonus Token Day: Visit us when we are wearing Schulz Ortho t-shirts

No tokens will be granted for the following:

  1. If you are late to a scheduled appointment
  2. If you arrive to a scheduled appointment with a broken appliance or bracket
  3. Emergency appointments
  4. If your previous appointment was rescheduled, cancelled, or a no-show

To participate in the Schulz Ortho Wooden Token Program, you must be in the active phase of treatment, prior to the retainer phase. Following your active treatment phase, redeem your tokens for a gift certificate at your choice of the following stores:

  • 20 Schulz Ortho Tokens are rewarded with a $10 gift certificate
  • 35 Schulz Ortho Tokens are rewarded with a $20 gift certificate
  • 50 Schulz Ortho Tokens are rewarded with a $40 gift certificate
  • 60 Schulz Ortho Tokens are rewarded with a $50 gift certificate ( max 60 tokens/patient)


Highly recommend his office for anyone looking for an orthodontist for kids, teens, or adults like me. Do visit him for a consultation at least! ~ Ryan Nordby
I will tell you that this place is nothing less than incredible. True caring people. Unbelievable how nice, friendly, and upbeat this whole office isKeep up the good work and never lose your spirit. You guys ROCK!!!!! ~ Dave Courtad
Schulz Orthodontics is the best! We have/had three patients, including myself, and their office has that rare ability to mix professionalism with a wonderful and friendly atmosphere. I always leave knowing that my sons and I were, and will continue to be, well taken care of. ~ Erica Stegenga
I was immediately impressed at the level of professionalism, state of the art facility and top notch staff at Schulz Orthodontics. I can’t thank Dr. Schulz and his team enough for all they have done for me and my family. ~ Jill Haag and Family
He's a skilled artist who has systematically and carefully maneuvered her teeth into their proper locations making our daughter's smile even more beautiful! We are so happy with the results and he and his staff have been great to work with! ~ Robin Fouch